Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

Today was the first time I was allowed to vote, in my life. Since I moved to the States shortly after I turned 18, and didn't become a citizen here until last year, I had never had the opportunity to participate in any kind of voting. It was pretty cool. Even though my vote probably doesn't count much here in Texas, it was still nice to know I did everything in my power to elect who I think is the lesser of 2 evils.

Joe took a vacation day today, so we went into Leonard together, to vote at City Hall. I have never seen that many cars parked in the square. The line was relatively short, compared to bigger cities, but still pretty long for the middle of the day (about 30 minutes). As we were getting closer to the front of the line Ginger asked: "Are we getting on the boat now?" I guess "vote" and "boat" sound really similar to a 3 year old, especially when they have never heard of a word like vote. She was very confused and disppointed when we tried to explain there were no boats anywhere around.

During dinner tonight Winter told me they voted in school too. She told me she voted for McCain, and when I asked her why this was her reply: "Because McCain doesn't want to kill babies, and he puts his hand on his heart."  Chicki what, what??? What are they teaching my child in school? I didn't really think teachers were at liberty to impose their political views upon my impressionable child. 

On a seperate note; our computer took a dive the other day. I wasn't too worried because the last time this happened (only about 18 months ago), we were able to recover all the data. This time we haven't been so lucky so far. I had backed up our family photos until June '08, but all our Disney photos are vanished. Other than that, I am not sure how upset I should be about this whole situation. If I loose all my Microsoft Money, finance records, I will be VERY upset. I spend a LOT of time inputting all our expenses, incomes, and bills. I don't even want to think about what I will do if all of that is gone. I don't know if I could start all over again. Not after 2 years of data vanishing overnight.


Amber said...

Nice that you can finally vote! I think it is so important to let your voice be heard. And that stinks about your computer. Hopefully the important stuff can be recovered!!

The Mama said...

My kids voted yesterday at school. They both voted Obama, then came home and asked who we were voting for. It was interesting to hear what they had heard about their "candidate". I've been disappointed to read emails that have come from good members of the church who just forward on the stuff they get without even researching the truthfulness of the message. Whoever comes out ahead, has a long hard road ahead of them. I do not envoy them or would I want to be put in their position. May God bless America, is all I have to say.--Julie

Kaitlyn said...

Oh, good luck with the computer!
I don't know what this news is about children voting in schools-- I never did that when I was in school!

Nancy Sabina said...

Well congrats on your first vote! The "boat" thing is priceless.

The Bartel Bunch... said...

"the lesser of two evils" is the key word.
I somehow doubt it was the teachers teaching the kids those things, it was probably their friends regurgitating what they heard their parents say. I could be wrong. I just can't imagine when and why a teacher would say things like that to little children that have no understanding of what boating, I mean voting, is.

Todd and Amyjoy said...

I agree with the bartel bunch.
Kids hear everything their parents say and seem to repeat it at the worst possible times.
Anyway, glad you could vote.

wannabee free said...

It probably wasn't the teachers, but fyi, teachers do it all the time. Unfortunately, it is not usually the ones who you might agree with, but the ones who want to force their very liberal 'politically correct' mindset on them. You might be safe there in conservative texas.

Monica said...

I like what Winter had to say, that is very funny. I don't think people should kill babies either and I never did figure out why Obama does not salute the flag.

Congratuations on getting to vote! I though of you on election day b/c I knew it was your first time.

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