Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yes I can

Did you ever do something you didn't think you could. Or maybe it's not that you didn't think you could, but just that it was easier to have someone else do it for you? And then when you finally do it yourself, how did you feel?

Tonight the lawn really needed to be mowed, but the riding mower wouldn't start. After a phone consult with my husband, the analysis was a dead battery. It would have been so easy for me to throw my hands in the air, and say: "I tried", and give up. But something made me want to do it myself. Maybe just to prove to myself that I can do hard things. (okay maybe jump starting a battery isn't that hard, but still).

Jump starting a battery is one of those mysterious scary things. What is the power going to do to me if I do something wrong? Will I get thrown to the earth, and die on the spot? Probably not. And then there is the mystery of the Plus and Minus signs, and the fear that I'll accidentally mix them up and cause thousands of dollars of damage. Again: highly unlikely.

Anyways, with some trepidation, I hooked the cable up to the suburban. All of a sudden that car seemed like an all-powerful beast. Then, trying not to let any of the clips touch each other, I hooked up the lawnmower. Just a little spark as I hooked up the last clip. The moment of truth: turning over the lawnmower engine. And then elation. I did it! I can do hard things!

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Wendy said...

haha, I totally know what you mean with the whole power thing.. kinda intimidating!

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