Saturday, April 10, 2010


While Joe and Sterling went camping at the pig farm, the girls and I went to Jessica Morrison's house for a slumber party. We had plenty of junk food, a lot of fun talking, and a lame movie. It was so lame, that we both fell asleep and decided to quit watching it. It was so fun to have girl time and get out of the house. This morning after the guys got back, and before we went home, Ginger fell off the trampoline. We knew she must be pretty hurt, because she's a really tough cookie, and doesn't cry unless she is really hurt. Well, she cried/screamed, and wouldn't stop. We decided to put a little sling on her, and give her some pain meds to see if she would feel better. It seems like she's in no pain as long as she doesn't move her arm too much. If she's still not better Monday, I guess we'll have to get some x-rays to see if she broke anything. For now, we can't afford the $800 ER bill. So much for having medical insurance.....

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Renee Campbell said...

Jessica, you must tell me what lame movie you watched! LOL

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