Monday, April 12, 2010

Neon Pink

It wasn't until she realized in the parking lot that I wasn't going to take it off... when the blood curdling screaming began. It started so nicely. She was excited to check in, and was telling everybody that she broke her arm. She patiently waited in the waiting room, and even cooperated for the x-ray. Then she picked out the hot pink cast, and let the nurse put it on without problem. But then she decided that the novelty had worn off, and that she preferred her sling. It took a lot of coaxing and bribing to get her into the car, and she didn't stop screaming until we were right in front of Walmart. She had to either stop crying and get bubble gum, or go straight home. I knew she would go for the bubble gum.
So now she has the cast for 6 weeks. It didn't dawn on me until after it was on, that this 6 week period goes into swimming season. That will be interesting...Oh, by the way, the x-rays didn't show a break. However, since young children still have a lot of cartilage around their elbow (which doesn't show up on the x-ray), there's a good possibility that that is messed up. The doctor told me there's no way of knowing for sure, unless we take an MRI. I can see the dollar signs swimming in front of my eyes with that. He said the best thing is to just treat it as if it is broken, and cast it. Clothes will be a challenge.... Especially in cold Holland.


Nancy Sabina said...

There's something so sad and yet so cute about a kid in a cast. I hope she gets used to it fast - for your sake anyway.

Unknown said...

Nou ja, zolang ze maar geen pijn meer heeft is er wel mee te leven. Zo staat ze natuurlijk wel in het middelpunt van de belangstelling :)

Wendy said...

man that's crazy! well at least we will get to sign it! you should have had them put on a waterproof one...CANNOT WAIT TO SEE ALL OF YOU!

angela michelle said...

I'm so glad you took her in! I've been worrying about her all day. I bet she'll be a good sport with the cast. Why did it take them so long to figure out kids' casts should be bright colors? When I was a kid they were all just white.

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