Saturday, April 17, 2010


Keeping in the spirit of our holiday (aka vacation) that hasn't started because of the volcano, I was determined to have fun here in Texas. Unfortunately Joe had to work, but luckily we have his parents close by. We drove into town with Joe super early, and spent the morning relaxing, chatting, and planting flowers.

Our main activity for the day was the Museum of Nature and Science. Boise has a similar place called the Discovery Center, and my kids always loved going there. It turned out that getting a year membership was only slightly more expensive, so we went ahead with that. Now when any of Liz's grand kids come to visit, she can bring them for free. The museum was very child oriented, and had fun activities like a bone digging site, gravity center with bubbles, and pretend areas. But you know where they spent the most time? The pretend farm! Sterling thought it was so fun to collect wood eggs. Ginger had a blast riding her John Deere tricycle. Note to self: get her one!
We also were lucky enough to see a movie at the IMAX theater. We watched a movie about Alaska. The footage was amazing. Everything from close up polar bears, flying through the air, and stampeding animals. And it seemed like you were right in the middle of it, because the screen was almost dome shaped. After the movie, we had fabulous steaks at Applebee's, and then Redbox movie. What a great day! Thanks mom, for spending it with us!


Polly said...

Looks like a great place, wonderful pictures capturing the kiddos having so much fun!

Wendy said...

the picture of winter in the yellow suit looks so much like you! IT's ridiculous!

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