Friday, April 16, 2010

Nature intervenes

Mother nature is more powerful than any of us. When a volcano in Iceland decides to burst and throw a large dust cloud, and when the winds are SE, all of northern Europe will shut down their airports. The last I heard, 17,000 flights were cancelled. Ours is one of those. Although I feel inconvenienced by this, I can't help but think about any of those other 600,000 people who might have a very important event to get to. What if you were trying to get married, or get to a funeral? We were supposed to show our friends the Simmons around Holland, and luckily we were able to reschedule that for next weekend.

So, for once, my procrastination has paid off. As of this morning I still hadn't packed, cleaned, or done the yard work I should have. Now I have all weekend to do this. And I'm taking advantage of this extra time, and doing some much needed deep cleaning.

disclaimer: if the volcano decideds to keep bursting, and my flight gets cancelled again, I will not be as understanding!


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Hope you can catch the next flight, although it will be very crowded. :(

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