Monday, April 26, 2010

Beachly Sunday

In vacation mode we skipped church and headed for the temple grounds instead. Zoetermeer has a small temple, but it's lovely nonetheless
Trying to show the Simmons some more things real Dutch people do, I took them to the beach in Den Haag that I went to with my tante Siegried (a grandma that was my opa's second wife). I remember that Siegried would make wonderful brown sugar sandwiches, and load me on the back of her bike. We would then ride the bike to the duinen (sand dunes), and make the trek to the beach. This beach is relatively far away from the road, and attracts many families. It also minimizes the amount of nude people, a BIG plus! As a little girl I remember Siegried taking me to a playground in the duinen, but after asking some people, I'm not sure if that's still there.

Mike figured that he might as well still dress like it was actually Sunday
The kids didn't seem to mind the cold ocean.
In the afternoon we reunited with all my family. Everyone except Carlo was there. I haven't seen everybody for a long time. Even Wendy who lives in the US. We headed to the Kinderdijk, which is a place where a whole bunch of windmills are located together. A few of them are still operated, but most are just part of a historical preservation program. Ginger found her new best friend in her cousin Kenzie. The last time they were each other, Kenzie was just a baby.

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