Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rub a dub dub

While I've been in the house, in a Dayquil induced coma, the rest of the family has been enjoying the weather. It took a quick, surprising turn for the better. Mid 60's without winds. Considering that's pretty much the same temperature as the inside of our house the past 3 months, our bodies are plenty used to it. When I did finally make it back into the world of the living, I found Joe working on his tractor, and the kids running around without shirts on. Nice to live out in the country, where no one cares!

I don't know if it's the weather, or just dumb luck, but the kids were actually ALL playing nice together. As they saw me coming, they hurried off towards the end of the driveway. Joe and I were chatting, and when I was about to head back inside, I realized the kids has been TOO quiet. Hollering didn't get me an answer, so I made the trek down there. As I was getting closer, it was apparent by the muffled giggles that they hadn't run off down the road. They were having too much fun in here
Don't ask me how they all got into this trashcan. Or who came up with the idea. Or how they got the heavy metal lid on. Whatever will they do when we move back into town???

On a side note, we've been having problems with something eating our eggs. Instead of getting 10 a day, we were only getting about 4 every 3 days. A few days ago, Joe thought he smelled skunk. Not again! Instead of sitting outside, waiting for it to come back, we bought a humane "havahear" animal trap. (Joe was laughing about that name, saying: how much of a heart will I have when I drop the trap plus skunk in the lake!) I wish I could report that the trap got us something. But no... nothing. Maybe it wasn't a skunk,.. maybe a snake? I'll keep hunting, cause those eggs are MINE!!!


Nancy Sabina said...

Oh man does mid-60's sound lovely! We were feeling lucky today because it hit 40!

Renée Campbell said...

Oh my gosh Jessica this post made me laugh. I have pictures of me without a shirt on when I was little too.I'm glad you are feeling better! We missed you today.

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