Thursday, February 11, 2010

Under the weather

Okay, I know I was just talking about swimming the other day, but today is snowboarding day! We got a nice surprise this morning, with fluffy white flakes. It only took an hour or so to start sticking to the ground, and it kept up all the way until dark! I love the snow!
Living in Texas is great and all, but we seriously miss mountains and snow. Turns out we have our own "mountain" on our lower 40. Okay, it's just the dam. But, it's a large enough hill to get going on a snowboard (or sled, which we don't have).
So after being under the weather, and in bed all day, I pulled myself out for the snow. Here in Texas it's "now or never" when it comes to snow. Tomorrow it could be 70 again. The kids bundled up in their 20 year old snow suits - seriously, these are the suits I wore when I was 9! (the green one Winter is wearing) Rainboots had to substitute snowboots, cause you know.. we get a lot of rain here, not snow.
We thanked the wii for turning our kids into professional snowboarders. We just let them loose, and they did great! They made it all the way down our "mountain".


Nancy Sabina said...

This just showed up on my reader this morning - so either your back dated your post or my reader is super slow right now... Anyway...

Looks like a blast! Love the pic of little Ginger on the snowboard with her legs spread pretty much as far as they can go.

Renée Campbell said...

We were so wishing we had a decent hill to do some sledding on! Looks like you had a blast, great pictures Jessica!

PS we had to use rain boots too, and our feet were FREEZING!

Farmer Joe said...

I love how Winter was leaning back so far. I kept yelling at her to stay centered over the board, but I guess she probably had no clue what I meant.

Super cute pictures though - especialy the first one of Ginger!

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