Monday, February 22, 2010

Next obstacle

I'm continuing my efforts to declutter and get the house ready for sale. This mornings obstacle: the garage. Man oh man. What a disaster! It was a combination of disorganization, items for sale sitting in the middle of the floor, trash, tools all over. And then there were the heaps of boxes. Empty boxes. You know, the shipping kind. I never throw away a box when something is shipped to me, because if I ever have to ship something I would NEVER want to buy one. Now the boxes are nestled by size. All the peanuts are in trashbags, ready to access (we have 3 trash bags full of packing material).

Of course I got rid of my fare share of crap. Mostly things that have been in boxes for the past 3 years, and weren't even touched the 3 years prior to that. One item of internal agony, are the side shelves to my entertainment center. I purchased the 3 piece set in August 2005. The main piece was finished within a few months, but the side shelves are still sitting, half-finished and unassembled in my garage. Today I made the decision that it's been long enough. I am ready to take that burden off my shoulders. I will not finish it. Yep. I'm a quitter. I don't care if I can make an extra $100 when I get ready to sell it. I'm done!

I wish the garage was finished. After 2.5 hours I'm only halfway done. And it's cold out there. And I am just getting over a cold. And I'm ready for a nap!

(I wish I had some before pictures.. to document my progess... but then I would be embarrassed.. so I guess it's for the better... maybe I'll post an after picture, to impress everyone... )

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Wendy said...

you should... people like to be impressed, haha

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