Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuff aka Crap

As we are getting ready to make yet another move, with it comes the daunting/tiring/annoying task of selling our house. It seems like we've moved way too many times, in our almost 1o years of marriage: 8. And it just gets harder and harder every time! Somehow we just gather crap. Yes, that's how I feel about all our stuff right now; crap. The idea of moving to a much smaller house, and possibly storing our stuff for a couple of years, makes me really think about what stuff to keep.

Do I really want to pay for storing that diaper bag I haven't used in 2 years? Will I ever use my atlas again, now that I have a GPS? The answer to those, and many similar questions is: NO! So as I go through my house, looking for stuff to get rid of, I ask myself those questions over and over again. Once I make the decision, I can't change my mind. I put it in the Goodwill pile, and not look at it again.

I really try not to get an emotional attachment to any of my stuff, but that's really hard sometimes. There's the "what if" question. And the "but I spent so much money on that" statement. Or the "this person gave it to me" lamenting. In the end, it's just stuff though. And it can be replaced. Of course there are a few exceptions: the kids art, heirloom furniture, and photographs. That's about it. Of course we won't get rid of any furniture yet, since the house needs to look nice for selling. In the mean time more and more drawers find themselves empty.

And it gives me happy feelings. Strange huh?


Jill said...

Do you have heat yet? You poor thing! What a nightmare!! Your master bedroom picture looks great! Mike and I thought that was such a great idea to do one room at a time and take your own picture. Genious! Love your cute snowboarding pictures. Mike takes the GMAT March 10th, go GMAT! He is dreading the day as well. Good luck Joe!!!

Nancy Sabina said...

I bet that's very liberating. I sort of WANT to be one of those people with no attachment to things - but I'm really not. I like my stuff! But I bet if I had to pay to store it my priorities would change significantly.

Amber said...

I thought 6 times in almost 9 years was bad! :) While I hate the actual moving part, the cleansing of the crap I love! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Is this your move to The Netherlands??

I can totally imagine how you feel. It is nice to clean your house. With a clean house comes (in my case) a clear head.

We have 10 days left before our move to The Netherlands!

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