Thursday, February 25, 2010

Typical afternoon

  • Kids get off the bus at 3.45pm
  • The first question out of their mouths: can we play the wii?
  • My response: yes, as soon as you do your home work
  • The kids set the timer for 2o minutes and read
  • Sometimes I make them load and unload the dishwasher. They always fight who gets to load. I'd rather handle clean dishes any day, but I guess they don't like to unload, because the plates and cups are up high.
  • The kids turn on Mario Brother. Let the arguing commence.
  • I threaten to turn off the wii.
  • They beg me to play with them
  • One kid might get banned.
  • We play until it's time to make dinner.

I know... not the most productive day, but most of the time we have fun playing a game together.

1 comment:

skideewink said...

Sounds like more fun than running a taxi service! Miss my Farm Girl Barbie!

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