Monday, February 1, 2010


We are getting ever so much closer to having our PLAN become reality. Joe has his GMAT scheduled for February 27th. He's been finishing up projects around the house. And I even took my first picture for the listing. The goal is to clean a room every day, and take a photo for the listing. Today I worked on the master bedroom. It seems like when we lived in Boise, my house always looked this clean (or was that just because our house was for sale for 6 months?) Anyways, even though I don't particularly like to clean the house, I sure like the way it looks and feels when it IS clean.

My children seem to have a particular hard time keeping track of, and caring for their "stuff". Especially jackets, hats, gloves, and shoes. The weather has been wacky here for the past week, going from freezing to 50s, so the kids will need their warm cloths off and on. This is what happens when Sterling takes off his jacket on a warm day, and doesn't bring it in until it's been freezing
(yes, that is a sandal stuck frozen to a very stiff jacket)

For Christmas we got the "super mario brothers" game for wii. That game is so addictive! I spend way too much time playing it. I don't even want to guess exactly how much. But, I am happy to say, that I can go to all 8 worlds, and I am slowly finding all the star coins (I know... that probably doesn't mean anything to most of you).


Hef's Mom said...

the GMAT is a tough one, the boyfriend took it a few years ago. Good Luck!

Amber said...

I have bedroom envy. Love it. And my husband and I play SMB every night after the kids go down. It has actually been a pretty fun bonding experience. Strange, huh? We are in the process of defeating Bowser at the world 8 castle and then we are eager to see what world 9 brings?!

Nancy Sabina said...

That frozen jacket is pretty amazing. I'm so glad you're enjoying SMB!

angela michelle said...

i agree! making progress is so great--if only it were addictive enough to make us keep going!

Mom said...

i'm addicted and mostly that is a good thing (to a clean house, that is, not SMB)but it has its downside, as well, as my family will attest.

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