Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stink bomb

I smell like skunk right now. After watering the garden and giving the chickens some fresh water, I was enjoying the weather and petting one of our small chicks. This is the only chick of 30 incubated eggs, that's still alive. We lost 2 of the other chicks over the weekend, when they were left out of the coop.

I might know what happened to those two now. One possibility is our big scat cat, but since he never bothers my chickens or chicks, I think it was the skunk that came over to visit this afternoon. First I saw him by the bush hog. A little while later, the chickens started to make a ruckus, and when I looked in the pen, there it was. It was drinking some water, and when he looked like he wanted to go through the little hole, into the coop, I was going to block his entrance.

The only problem was, that as soon as I opened the door (on the other side of the coop), he saw the light and walked into the coop. Worried about him eating eggs, or even killing some chicks, I summoned the man with the gun. Joe. I love that man. He will come out and shoot anything for me. He used a 12 gauge shotgun at point-blank range, and took care of my egg predator (sure enough he was eating eggs)

Unfortunately he didn't die until he had blasted a stink bomb. Now, we have a dead skunk in our coop, and you can barely even go in there. I think I need a gas mask, and full-on space suit to get it out. But I do want to get it out soon, so hopefully the stink won't stick too long.


Wendy said...

on the chick part AHW. I remember having an incubator in our elementary class and I just loved holding the little chicks!

Nancy Sabina said...

Ewww. We had people in our ward who recently had to totally gut their house because a skunk died underneath it. New carpet, new paint, all fabrics in the house washed repeatedly, etc. No fun! Good luck getting rid of it.

angela michelle said...

those skunks! way to trimph by replanting the garden!

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