Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's all dead..... argggggg


angela michelle said...

oh no! What a bummer! We planted grass seed in one half of the yard and it's been snowed on like 6 times--so we'll probably doing that over again as well. Spring is so tricky!

Amber said...

Ugghh! So sorry to hear that. If you look on the bright side, maybe you will become quite skilled in garden planting?!

wannabee free said...

well, maybe i'm not jealous you were able to plant so early after all.... sorry to hear it!

Majo said...

da's heel vervelend en jammer ook van je werk. misschien toch nog te vroeg geplant. hier kun je dit soort planten pas in de grond doen na half mei (IJsheiligen)omdat er tot die tijd toch vaak nog nachtvorst is. ik had verwacht dat dat in Dallas wel mee zou vallen. jij ook dus ! :(
nou ja, nog maar eens proberen dan.

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