Sunday, April 5, 2009

General Conference

Every 6 months, our church has a "general conference", which is a broadcast from Salt Lake City (the headquarters), to all the world. The conference is broadcast to our church buildings, as well as on some TV stations. There are four 2-hour sessions, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday, which makes for a LONG weekend for the kids. Although it would be great if we could listen to all four sessions, we usually end up only listening on Sunday. We are fortunate enough to have parents that have satellite in their home, so we won't have to torture our kids with 4 hours of sitting still and listening to old men speak (that's their outlook)

This morning, we settled down to do the three P's. Pyjamas, Popcorn, Prophet. The nice thing about watching at home, is the freedom to watch and listen in casual clothes instead of fancy Sunday dresses. The popcorn and other snacks are also great to keep the mouths occupied, and the tummy satisfied. We printed out some fun activity packets, so the kids were actually paying attention, trying to hear specific words. Once they heard them, they got a candy for each one. Candy is often the best motivation for my kids!

We just finished lunch and still have 2 more hours of great Spiritual instruction to listen to. We'll probably put the kids in bed, so both them and us will be happier when it's over.

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wannabee free said...

We don't have Tv so we always have to go somewhere too. Usually end up at my folks' place. Which is good cuz my Dad bakes the best biscuits every conference.

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