Wednesday, April 8, 2009

garden and foster update

So I know my posts have all been about gardening lately, but honestly, that's because that's pretty much all I am doing these days. Soon after I saw that all my plants had died, I determinedly went to the nursery to get some more plants. Unfortunately they were out of cauliflower and broccoli since those are considered cold weather plants, and cold weather is supposed to be gone...

The garden center in Greenville has pretty good prices, and I was able to get zucchini, squash, and 5 kind of tomatoes for about $13. 4 hours in labor later, I have a garden again, almost as if the frost never happened.

Today is a very nice day, without much wind, which will be good for my plants to get weathered. I think there's supposed to be really bad winds tomorrow, and I think I'll just cover all my plants up, so they don't get whipped dead.

On another note, we have another quarterly review for our foster license today. Funny, since we have never had a placement, but for some reason they still need to make sure we are following the rules. We did actually get a call for an adoptive placement yesterday, but never heard back. What's new right? I think they keep waiting to submit our names until they have siblings, since we indicated that we are willing to take up to 2 children. I think I'm going to change our preference down to one child, and maybe we might start getting some calls for individual children. Maybe not. Who knows? At this point I have lost all faith and hope in my agency's ability to get us a placement.


Renee' P said...

Jessica, don't give up yet.
Actually, you really should switch over to be licensed w/the State. You will be placed w/a child so fast!
It's a rollercoaster though.
I'll keep you in my prayers.

Amanda said...

Some of my plants died too. =(

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