Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been way too stressed about getting this house on the market than I should be. It's not like it's "now or never". Sure, the sooner, the better. But it's not like the world will come to an end if it's not for sale tomorrow. I just HAVE to keep that attitude, or I might just go crazy. Right now is also a stressful time jobwise. Joe's company is reorganizing his job, and he might not have a job anymore after that. I can't even think too much about that possibility, or I'll have an anxiety attack. I mean, we are barely surviving as is. But wait.... lets not think that... cause then I start stressing about the house again. See the endless loop??

I've been keeping busy with my blurb book. I'm working on 2008, and it's taking forever! I'm only on February, and already have 40 pages! That'll be one big book.


skideewink said...

I'm curious, what is a blurb book? Trust in Heavenly Father, sounds easier than it is, but I have been there to many times to count. MUWAHH!

Unknown said...

Liefie, ik voel met je mee !
Ik hoop dat er gauw duidelijkheid voor jullie komt en dat je een goede uitslag krijgt.
(result, not a rash ... hihi)

Unknown said...

Gelukkig heb je voorlopig genoeg voedsel rond je huis lopen ;)

Nancy Sabina said...

I hate those endless thought loops! They make it so hard to fall asleep.

Have fun with the blurb book. It does take forever! I made an entire one and then gave up on it because I had made all the pictures too small. I suppose I should start again.

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