Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Plans

The last week of school just started. What a great school year it's been. Winter has completed first grade with flying colors. He reading skills have just kept growing, and she had gotten a lot better at math too. Sterling is finishing up kindergarten. He learned all his letters, learned to read, learned to count, and do easy math. At first I was a little worried, because he went into kindergarten without knowing any of his letters. He hadn't really attended preschool (except one that was super lame), so he was starting from behind. He caught up with the rest of the class, and even sprinted ahead of some of them. What a smart boy he is!

We are looking forward to more time at home to swim, play with the animals, and of course chores. For my sanity, I have also started to fill up our summer with fun with friends. We have a camping trip planned, Winter is going to horse camp, some cousins are coming over for a sleepover, etc. I plan to do weekly outings, so we won't get cabin fever. The kids WILL learn how to swim, and my planned one-on-one lessons will be great! (can you tell I'm trying to pump myself up)

Now if only we could plan like a 3 week long vacation, like the Dutch do. When I was a kid, each year we would go to a foreign country for at least 2 weeks, more like 3. Some of my favorite places were Switzerland (of course), and Italy. We would stay at a campsite, along with hundreds of other Dutch people. We would usually go to a different campground each week, so we could see various places. Man, what I would give for some good ol' European summer vacations!


Wendy said...

here here!!!!!!!!! (say with British accent) I guess you can do the same here though... go to different states you just have to shift your mindset.

Grampa Earl said...

I always felt cheated that Europeans take weeks and weeks of vacation and have 15-20 Holidays, while here in the USofA we have a work ethic. It took me 15 years working for EDS to build up to 4 weeks of vacation and then, 4 years later, I had to start a new job and go back to 2. Aargh! Now I can take a holiday any day I want to - of course I don't get paid.

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