Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shade of brown.

All the practicing has paid off. Ginger can now swim! Yesterday she decided it was fun to practice, and kept swimming back and forth from me to the steps. Just a week ago, she fought me tooth and nails for her "swimming lessons". She isn't independent yet though, because she hasn't figured out how to come up for air. She can hold her breath for a while, but she is still limited by that. I guess she'll figure that out soon enough, with the amount of swimming she does.
Today, my friend Renee and her kids came over. Yeah! I love all these visitors! The pool water has warmed up so much from the sun, that it's almost not refreshing anymore. I'm not sure what to do about it. Aeration can work, but we don't have a fountain or anything. Piper is only 2, and it was so fun to see her going under water. At that age, kids aren't scared of the water yet. It's great.For the first time, I had a little race with a peer. It was fun to really give it my all, and try to beat her to the other side of the pool. I never really learned how to swim free stroke, only "froggy stroke". I have been practicing a little, but I always forget to kick my feet. It has also been fun to collect diving sticks all over the pool. We have 5, and when I spread them throughout the pool, it just enough to be a challenge (if I zig-zag).Winter is by far my best little swimmer. Today she swam the lenght of the pool under water, all the way! I am so proud of her. She is also learning how to dive, get diving sticks, make bombs, and flip from the side of the pool.

The sun has also made our skin a nice shade of brown. Winter seems to be the darkest, but Sterling and I are close runners up. (or is it runner ups?). It does make me nervous when I read my friend Amber's blog, that she has skin cancer. She's my age! We're too young for cancer! Just keep applying that sunscreen!

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Renee Campbell said...

What a fun day! For some reason I am burned to a crisp, I think I didnt wait long enough after I put the sunscreen on to get in. BTW I love the picture of Piper! Thanks for having us over!!

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