Thursday, June 25, 2009

Romantic Fear Factor?

I was giddy from anticipation while changing my clothes. For the first time, I was going swimming all by myself, and it was dark! (no, Renee, I didn't go skinny dipping)
It sounds romantic. Swimming after dark, in a lit pool. Yes, it was, for about 30 seconds. 30 seconds is all it took for all bugs within a 10 mile radius to do a bomb dive into our pool. 30 seconds is all it took for me to swim in a bath of dead/half living bugs. Maybe this is the way to kill the 500 million mosquitoes and beatles and crickets on our farm? No, maybe not.... But at least 300 of them are dead now.

That didn't stop me from enjoying myself though! I went out for a little exercise, and got just that. My arms and shoulders are still a little sore from yesterdays race. I expected the pool to be about the same temperature as the late night Texas air. It sooo wasn't! It was as if I just stepped into a warm bath. I felt great. The bugs did remind me not to open my mouth too big, when coming up for air. I don't mind swimming with bugs, but eating them is a little past my comfort zone!


Renee Campbell said...

Ha ha why not? You soooo should!!! Private swims are the best, so relaxing!

Renee' P said...

OH you meant the OTHER Renee'! Funny cause I was thinkin the same thing! LOL :))
I would have been outta there SO fast once the bugs came!

Amber said...

Night swimming is my favorite, favorite! Whenever I hear that song Nightswimming by REM, it always brings me back to those perfect summer nights. I never really paid much attention to the bugs, I was too focused on the perfect, relaxing swimming conditions!

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