Thursday, June 25, 2009

After Dark

When the sun is sweltering hot, beaming down, and the temperatures soar over 102, I tend to either enjoy the pool, or hide out in my air conditioned house. Sadly, heat doesn't make chores go away. The garden still needs watering, weeding, insect repelling, and of course harvesting. The lawn still needs to be mowed. My chickens still need food, and water. And eggs still need to be collected.My pool still needs to be balanced and treated, and skimmers cleaned.

My genius mind finally came up with the idea to do all of these things after 11pm, when it's "only" 80 degrees outside. A good headlamp and shop lights, make visibility a breeze. Sure, you are more likely to run over a glove while mowing, or miss an egg when collecting. But overall I would say, it's worth going to bed a little later. Just to stay out of that unforgiving sun. Not that darkness shielded me from sweating! 80 is still plenty hot enough for that.

I know one thing for sure; I sure as heck wouldn't live in Texas if Air Conditioning wasn't invented yet!!!!


Wendy said...

or you could wake up really early and do it.... ho wait you are like me... we don't wake up early haha.
We've been really lucky with the weather this year because it has not really been hot yet and I am very glad because I don't know how I would do with hot weather on top of nausea!

Kaitlyn said...

My goodness, I give you Texans credit!

Also, I fasted from meat and the internet for a week. I couldn't do no food!!!

Amber said...

Brilliant idea! Reminds me of growing up in Arizona. It was so hot some days that you couldn't even swim in the pool in the middle of the day because it was like taking a warm bath. Many pools down there have water coolers instead of the water heaters like up here!

ps. Thanks for the support and lather yourself (and the kiddos) in sunscreen!

Rebecca said...

very smart plan! I wouldn't want to live in Texas either, and especially without A/C!

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