Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pita Pockets

Another fun thing to make with fresh ground wheat flour: Peta pockets. Never having made them, I was very surprised to see them come out looking like balloons. Wish I had taking a picture.....

I used the bread machine method, so after dumping all the ingredients in the machine, I just let it do it's thing. 80 minutes later, I rolled the dough out, waited another 25 minutes, and cooked them for 4 minutes each. Not too complicated or hard.

Unfortunately Joe didn't know that you're supposed to stuff you toppings inside, and promptly ate 4 of my 16 pitas!!! Next time I make something new, I'll have to leave eating instructions for that man.

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Renee Campbell said...

Great, now if only there were a slightly healthier way to make Nutella!

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