Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gun power

Swimming is not ALL we do. Although it's the most comfortable thing to do in the 100+ degree weather...

Joe's uncle Bill decided that with our new US president Obama, he better stock up some guns, just in case he needs to defend his homestead. Bill and Earl went to a gun show last week, and Bill came away with a few different types of guns. But what good are guns you don't know how to use? Not much use at all. So uncle Bill and aunt Barbara came over for some guns instruction and target practice.My favorite gun to shoot, from last night, was Earl's "Saturday night special". A tiny little gun that would fit in my smallest purse. The shotgun was fun for the power, but I still prefer the littler guns. We really should get out there more often and shoot our own guns! It's so much fun.


Wendy said...

now there's something I have no desire to learn.

Renee Campbell said...

I once bought some cute ear muffs for Piper to go to a concert with....I think they are for shooting guns? That is probably the closest I will come to guns for now.

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