Sunday, March 3, 2013


"I grew up in the Boy scouts, so I can handle anything this place has to throw at me, but the park ranger put that sign there to keep us all safe"

Said a very loud and obnoxious father in Zion's National Park today, when explaining to his son why they shouldn't pass the "trail closed" sign. Trying to get away from the cold weather for a bit, and getting a mountain bike ride in, we headed south for the weekend.

Our first stop was in Fillmore, to visit Joe's grandpa A. and his wife Madge. They are the cutest couple. We were treated to dinner at the local restaurant (Paradise Inn), and the kids got some fun little presents at the gift shop. After going to bed on time, my stomach was upset during the night. Just when I was about ready to go back to bed, grandpa was awake, so we talked for over 2 hours. It is so fun to hear about all of his experiences, and stories from where his family came from.

In the morning we headed down to Hurricane, where Joe rode a Gem trail. Unfortunately I couldn't go with him, since Miles obviously isn't big enough to ride a bike. These are times that I fully recognize the sacrifices I have to make because I decided to have another baby when the older kids are finally at an age that they can do most activities. He worth every single sacrifice though!

While Joe was on his ride the kids and I had blizzards at Dairy Queen, and played at the park.

Our campground was in Zion's National Park. We parked at South Campground, where we were practically alone. The weather was perfect, which made us wonder why anybody would want to go there in the middle of the piping hot summer. As we unpacked we discovered our tent stakes were missing. Although I was ready to sleep in a tent half the size it should be, Joe was much more crafty and made his very own stakes out of wood! Love being married to handy guy!

Of course we had a bonfire with hotdogs, and marshmellows

I swear this is the last time I EVER sleep on a thin camping mat! Between the cold, my upset stomach, the rock hard ground, and Miles who kept waking me up, I got less than an ideal night sleep.

This morning we went on a little paved (gasp!) trail hike to Emerald Pools, which is where we met the men from the above quote. I was laughing so hard, and wishing I had been able to get that on video.

Joe took the kids climbing

Miles is at an age now that he loves crawling around in the dirt. I wish he was walking, but you just set all cleanliness aside and let him enjoy. Normally Coco is too fast for Miles, but with his harness and leash Miles can actually get ahold of Coco, and he loves it!

Then we headed back to Northern Utah. It's so easy to get used to 72 degree weather, and that makes it so much harder to come back to cold and rain. But it's nice to be home.


Maddy S said...

I loved the videos. Miles is so darn cute. How fun you got to go to Zion. Isn't it so fun to go to warmth in the winter? It's the perfect getaway to make winter cold more bareble.

Wendy said...

how fun! Wishing I could just drive down to the sun for the weekend!

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