Monday, March 25, 2013

Camping Checklists

As a tent camper, the biggest thing I dread is packing up what seems to be the entire house. And I always forget a few crucial things. I've envied my friends with camp trailers who can just keep all of the stuff in the trailer and only have to pack clothes and food. After some browsing on Pinterest, I decided what I need is a more organized system with pre-made packing lists.

The first must is a Portable Camp Kitchen. It's simple really. You just pack all the essentials in a tote, so when it comes time to camp, you just grab the tote and go. I got most of my items at the thrift store and the dollar store, so it doesn't have to cost much.  Of course it's imperative that after each trip you make sure the tote is replenished and cleaned out.

If you want to use my checklist, go HERE to print it out. Pack all the items in a tote, and put the printed list on top (inside the tote). That way you can see what's in the tote, and add items if necessary without having to dig through the hole tote to see what you already packed. To keep the list looking nice, you can insert it into a plastic sheet protector, and use a white board marker to check off the items as you repack it.

The next tote that can always stay packed is the "Camping Gear Tote". These are supplies that don't necessarily belong in the Camp Kitchen, but are necessary for any camping trip.

Get your Checklist HERE

After you have your Kitchen Tote and your Gear Tote ready, it will be much easier to pack for any upcoming camping trip. With the help of a few blogs, I've come up with a master packing list. Of course a few items will be different for different families, but you can easily add items in the blank spaces. Keep it simple for yourself, and store some of these items together in a closet or basement.

Download a printable PDF of the Packing List HERE.

It would help to keep a printed Packing Checklist in your kitchen or gear tote, so when you are ready to pack, it's accessible and you don't have to come searching for my blog again. :)
Put the checklist in a sheet protector, and you can then easily check off as you pack, and reuse it the next time!

Happy Camping, and thanks for stopping by


Lisa said...

Checklists are so smart. Even with a trailer there are always things we forget. We make lists while we are out and if I don't restock when we get home, I probably forget the next time. Moab is going to be awesome!

dannielo said...

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