Friday, March 29, 2013

Shouldn't be this hard

Planning a 4 day camping trip shouldn't be this hard. Granted, I took it upon myself to make master checklists and everything, so that won't have to be done every single time, but still! The most annoying job is the menu planning. First off I'm too picky. I don't like to eat hot dogs and hamburgers for 4 days. Also, I don't like to spend a lot of time preparing food while camping, it's my vacation too! So what does that mean? It means I spent all day browsing camping meal ideas, then making a mile-long ingredient list, then a shopping list, and of course a to do list for the next 4 days leading up to departure.  Then I even went so far as getting most of the shopping done, with my 7 year old in tow who must have asked me 5 questions per minute for the whole hour. That adds up to about 300 questions. Of course I wanted to stay interested in her interests, and answer her questions, but I couldn't help catching myself wishing she'd just give me a little bit of peace and quiet. The stress of putting away groceries and cooking dinner, combined with more questions, now by 3 kids total, was enough to praise myself for buying some chocolate and consuming more than I dare to say. Now the house has quieted, my kitchen is clean (Yes, I actually cleaned it after dinner), and I'm finally able to unwind and relax. Now all I have to do is focus one day at a time on the tasks that need to be accomplished. We WILL get ready before departure. And then our camping trip will be nice and relaxing (a girl can dream)


Lisa said...

Don't stress. We are going to have an awesome time. If Joe forgets to tell you, Cody is hitching a ride down with you guys on Wednesday. I'm leaving Tuesday with the other Calderwoods.

Wendy said...

yes! it will be relaxing!

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