Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A few months ago I bought a groupon (online coupon voucher) for 2 adult lift tickets to the Canyons Ski resort. The Canyons is the most  amazingly huge ski resort I've ever been to. There is no way you can ski all the blue routes in one day. Joe took a vacation day, we hired a babysitter for Miles, and some skis for me, and headed out. It was sort of strange driving to the resort with hardly any snow anywhere in the valleys. I don't know how they keep that much snow in the resorts (besides the obvious snow makers), but it can seem like spring in the valley and as soon as you get to the resort it feels like the middle of winter again.
 I decided to ski today, because I'm still a very beginner snowboarder, and frankly didn't want to spend all day on my butt. We also stayed on the blue runs, and I decided my favorite type of run, is a gradual winding slope with pine trees on both sides. A few of the runs were advertised wrong in my opinion (should have been double blue), and I did not enjoy the steep ones.
(this was the worst one, see how there's a drop-off, as if you're at the end of the world?)

 I never felt out of control, but it sucks "standing on the brakes" the entire run.  The snow was surprisingly good for the weather we've been having.  We spent a good portion of the day in a section of the mountain that has a terrain park. Joe likes to go off the jumps, and I take the easier way down and meet at the bottom. A few time he even did 2 runs for my 1 run.

We had a nice lunch at the lodge half-way through the day. Skiing/snowboarding has become (or maybe always has been) an expensive sport, where the resort gauges you at every turn. This makes me so sad. Maybe when we win the lottery, we'll get season tickets.
It was a great day away from everything, and to just spend time with Joe. This is why we moved to Utah!

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lekker zo'n dagje er tussenuit

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