Monday, March 11, 2013


Unless I have my sewing machine set up at all times, I am very unlikely to do my sewing projects. It's just too much of a hassle to get the machine and all the accessories out. Lay everything out on the dining table, and then have to clean it all up again for mealtime. I have a sewing desk and cabinet for my supplies, but when we first moved in I thought Winter's room would be a good place to house it, since it's the biggest bedroom. Well, I am never upstairs, let alone in her room, so I had to start looking for a better solution. Eventually, when Miles' bedroom won't be needed for a nursery anymore, I'll turn his room into my very own craft room. But until that point, a corner in my own bedroom will have to suffice.

After hauling the desk downstairs, and getting my essential accessories in the drawers, I'm happy with my little corner. Now I can maybe start working on embroidering stocking for my friend Sara. 

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