Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shopping experience

In preparation for our India trip, I had a long list of things to buy. Things that I could probably find with one visit to Walmart. But alas, there's no Walmart in Holland, so instead, Winter and I spent all day shopping, and still came home without a few things on the list. The advantage of not having a Walmart, is that you come across some pretty cool stores.

-We were transported to India, in a part of Den Haag I've never seen. I managed to find a Salwar Kameez set, as not to stand out too much when we first arrive to India.
-The Den Haag markt has everything from cheap boots and sewing supplies, to a wide variety of well-priced vegetables. It turns out though, that a combination of waiting too long to eat, uncharacteristic heat, and low blood pressure, will almost get me to a point of fainting. It took a good 10 minutes of sitting on a bench with deep breathing to get me back on my feet.
-Den Haag also has an amazing outdoor store, that even trumps the Bass Pro Shop; including rock climbing, ice wall climbing, and deep sea diving facilities.

So the overall shopping experience was superior, but the efficiency much lower. The funnest part: I got to spend all day chatting with Winter

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