Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The farm

We made it to the "farm". The drive was crazy (again), especially since it was raining, and the road was turned halfway into a river. That didn't stop the motorcyclist however.
Traffic is insane! Luckily we have a driver, otherwise we would surely get in a car accident. But everyone just switches in and out of lanes and squeezes in between spaces that don't seem large enough for our car.
The whole left part of the road was a river
Cows wander wherever they want
The farm is a 60 acre spread with mango groves, coconut trees, a school, dormitories, and a new building especially for the disabled. The classes are all taught in English and sizes are small. After school, the kids play in the center of all the buildings. Going in there with my camera, is like nothing else. There's no "sneaky journalistic photography", as they all swarm around you. Then seeing their picture on the camera moments after it was taken, sets off a string of photos to be taken. They all love their pictures taken. Here's just a few
The kids made up a game kjnd of like hop scotch, where they have to throw a stone, and then hop on one leg to the stone.
All pushing to get into the picture
This girl was so shy. When I first came into the play yard, she was making balls out of the wet sand. After taking photos of tons of other kids, she came to show me her sand balls


Wendy said...

what a wonderful experience, just love those cute faces!

Emma said...

Geweldig om je ervaringen te lezen! Blijven updaten he!!!

Maddy S said...

What a neat experience. Thanks for documenting! Love seeing all the pics.

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