Monday, October 3, 2011

Which team?

My mind has been busy lately. Considering the difficult decisions lying ahead. Lying ahead, in the very near future! The current score between "Team Family" and "Team Career" is still undecided.

Team Family believes family is the most important thing in life. It needs stability for the kids, and to lay down roots in a community. The location is also important to team family. Mountains, greenery, and 4 seasons are a must. Team Family goes camping, learns to ski, and spends time with extended family.

Team Family is burdened by finances. It doesn't have a plan to pay for food, let alone for student loans. Team family will have to sacrifice buying a home until all loans are paid off. Team Family deals with a lot of uncertainty.

Team Career is more money oriented. It sees the importance of taking the opportunity to advance Joe's career at this crucial junction. Getting an MBA wasn't cheap, and it sees how paying for this, is not only important, but required. Team Career thinks "what are a few years of working hard, and working for a great company, we can always change to Team Family later"

What team career has a hard time justifying, is that we live NOW. Children grow up, and will forever be shaped by these precious years.

The facts are:
-My job is likely to end the middle of November
-Joe's MBA is done in the middle of November
-We don't have a house to live in after December 31st
-Holland has great health insurance, which covers childbirth. The US might qualify us for Medicaid.
-I can't fly from January 1st, until the baby is born the end of February
-Our student loan payments are going to be astronomical for 5 years
-Joe's career network is developing in Holland. It's much easier to find a job in the location you reside
-The kids are almost in their teenage years and need stability
-I'm tired of moving around (maybe my "nesting instinct is kicking in)
-Living in Holland with teenagers scares the dukies out of me.
-Family is more important than money. But having enough money to pay the bills is more important than anything

So which team will win? Which one SHOULD win?


Nancy Sabina said...

Very tricky! I think maybe what you're really looking for is the perfect balance between the two teams. Where you give a little of the Family life and give a little of the Career life up. But it's gonna be hard to find I'm sure. Good luck! (And don't discount the East Coast for higher income and all 4 seasons!)

Wendy said...

I understand your concern for teenagers in Holland in the church. However, I made a choice very young (11) to build my testimony and seek out good friends. (i had seen how my older sibling's choices not to do that had not brought them much success ;) ) I believe no matter where you live you have to make that choice. Every place offers challenges to teenagers. The only thing your children can do is make the choice to follow the Savior, cause there are plenty of bad influences in Utah too, it comes down to the kind of friends you make alot... Keeping that in mind... Holland offers good opportunity for family being close, greenery, hello!, skiing trips can be those, trips, because you get alot more vaction time, same for camping, it will just be a little different kind. You want to be able to pay student loans, and it is easier to do that when you have a job and don't have to pay for a baby too (potentially) Team family and career benefit and a few years from now 2-3 you can buy that house in utah and settle down....
I would love to have you closer by, but see how the need to pay off debts is very important.
anyways, just my view of things...

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