Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 4 - Friday

Every day the children get up at 5.30am to clean the dormitories. They do it without complaint!
I wanted to bring something for the children, but it had to be small and light, so we could bring enough for everyone. Sterling loves his silly bands, which is the perfect solution. They are all different shapes, and they are colorful. Trying to find a good system for passing them out was difficult. They all just gather around and hold up their hands.
It was interesting to me how almost all of them asked for a blue one. I was expecting to get requests for pink from the girls.
October is supposed to be monsoon season, but year has been especially dry. This is why an impromptu playing session was initiated when the rain came pouring down.

Pathway sits on a large plot of land, which is kept up and worked on by local workers. Today while walking from our "quarters" to the school, they were shucking coconuts. They opened one for us, and it was delicious!
Our plans to go to the village for more shopping this morning didn't happen, since the school bus needed to go to the hospital. Instead, we had a speed-shopping trip after classes and before dinner. I bought 4 saris (3 for sisters), and some other little gifts. The blouses would take too long to make, but those could also be made in the US (by me). I prefer to make my own blouse anyways, since the last one they made is too short, and also dips too low in the back: that's the Indian way, but I asked specifically for some alterations which didn't get executed.
This is in the middle of town. Notice the mud, trash, and shacks
Sunsets are shorter in India for some reason. But they sure are beautiful!
After tutoring some girls for their 8th grade algebra, we headed back to the dormitories to teach me to write my name in Tamil. Anytime I'm with the kids, they gather closely around, which makes it even hotter!
Power outtage is a regular thing here. Some buildings have backup-generators, but most buildings including the school and dining hall don't. So when the power goes out while dinner is served at 7.30pm, the kids eat in the dark with flashlights.


Mom said...

You are doing a beautiful job of making india come alive!

angela michelle said...

So fun to read your updates. Silly bands was a great idea.

Wendy said...

I am loving living this adventure through your blog. Although I know the pictures don't do the experience even a fraction of justice with all the smells etc that come with being there yourself :). Thank you btw! I am so exited for my own sari! I always regretted not buying one in sri lanka. Enjoy those last days!!

kashurst said...

Wow! What an exciting adventure!

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