Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leap of Faith

We took the leap. This is probably the toughest family decision we've made since we got married, yet it was made relatively swiftly. One day I was in turmoil over what team to choose. I watched Conference all day Sunday, and Monday I just felt like "Team Family" should be the winner. After this personal revelation (that's what I think it was), the idea of staying in Europe and staying for a job, just turned me off completely. I couldn't see any benefit in it.

The decision was made, and set in stone with the purchase of plane tickets. It feels like we jumped off a cliff and are currently in a LONG freefall. The bottom is nowhere in sight, but my hope and faith is strong that something soft will catch us. And if it doesn't.. If there are only sharp rocks at the bottom, I'll still know that I was inspired to make the jump. Maybe I have something to learn from the freefall.

The uncertainty of our future becomes most apparent when telling 3rd parties about it. All I can tell them, is that our plan is to celebrate thanksgiving in Texas, pack up our stuff, and start driving North West. Which town it will be, or even which state, is still completely unknown. My hope and prayer is that by the time thanksgiving rolls around, we can start to see the bottom. (and hopefully it's fluffy and soft).

Joe has a lot of skills and education, and previous experiences have shown him to excel in interviews on a personal level. The trickiest part is getting to the interview. Which becomes easier when you are living in the area where the jobs come open.

The next 2 weeks will be devoted to India, after which the preparations for a continental move have to kick into high gear. I'm getting a bit of a flashback to only a year ago, when we had to liquidize another whole household of stuff. At least this time most items can be donated instead of sold, since they were given to us in the first place. I'm not even thinking about all the logistics we'll have to deal with once stateside again… it would stress me out too much!


Maddy S said...

You are an amazing woman. How come you don't want to stay in TX anymore? I think I want to move down there for more sun but then again I feel like I need the mountains for skiing. All I hear though is how good TX is doing compared to all the other states. Either way, you took the plunge and that is good. Uncertainty can sure drive one crazy. Prayers coming your way for a soft ground. :)

Mark A said...

YAHOO for Base Jumping

Wendy said...

I love the faith and attitude! have fun in india!

Nancy Sabina said...

Very exciting!

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