Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 3

In the mornings between breakfast and school, kindergarten through 4th grade gathers on the porch of the girls' dormitory to recite the alphabet and counting. Children take turns standing in front. That girl says it, and then the rest says it. The girls and boys are separated a lot of the time. For eating, downtime, and of course their dormitories
This is Anna. Anna is from Utah, and is an amazing figure drawer. She is here for the next 2 months, before starting BYU. She is teaching art classes to 7 & 8 grade, as well as the drawing class for the special kids. It has been very nice to have another American girl around, and we are so similar! It's weird to think how old I am... She's 19, and by the time she is my age, Winter will already be 22! I might even be a grandma by then; Now that's a scary thought!!
Today I acted as the school photographer. I wanted to get class pictures are well as individual shots of these super cute kids. I only finished about half of the school. The hardest thing was to make them smile. For some reason they are insecure about their smiles, even though their teeth are pearly white.
Joe showed some of the kids a video that my kids made in the summer.
Pathway has to feed a lot of kids. And each meal is a warm meal which is prepared by the cooks. Most meals consist of rice with a sauce. Then there's a side with vegetables, or tortilla type things, or rice made crisps.
They make us sit at a separate table, and they cook different food for us. I wish we could just eat the same as the kids, but they are very worried that that food will be too spicy for us. My favorite is the warm sweet milk that is served with breakfast and dinner. It comes fresh from the school's dairy cows.
I think I might have a rash on my forearms. Heat rash, or maybe some little insect.. I can't possibly have that many mosquito bites on my arms! Plus, the itching is under my sleeve.


Emma said...

Love it! Did you show the movie Winter, Sterling Ginger and I made about the cowboy and the fairy princess??

Wendy said...

keep an eye on that rash!
and you are probably grateful in the long run that they dont have you eat their food, I tried some in sri lanka and when they say spicy, I mean it is a whole other world!

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