Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a boy!

The second the ultrasound machine hit my belly, the tech told me it's a BOY! It was so sudden, that I wasn't even really ready for it. It's a good thing he asked me in advance if I wanted to know. So now we can stop calling the baby "it", and refer to him in male form. Of course one of the first considerations is the name. It's such a big decision, and our criteria are pretty ridiculous:

-The name has to be rare (as in, you may know one person with it, but definitely not more than that)
-It has to mean something (winter=season, sterling=silver, ginger=spice)
-Can't be shortened to anything - so no david that will go by dave.
-Oh, and the initials have to be okay too. So no names starting with "A" (AA)
-Also, no names starting with "J", since Joe and I are "J"

We have a few front runner names already. One in specific, has been in my mind for years; Miles. But under criteria #1, I'm having doubts about this name. It seems to becoming more popular and widespread. It's a good thing we have another 4.5 months to make up our mind!


Nancy Sabina said...

I'm so, so excited for you guys! I love "Miles" and I don't think I've ever actually met anyone named that.

Mark A said...

Bristol... Done

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