Thursday, September 22, 2011

A nice day ended with backpack horror

I went straight into the heart of the backpack horror. When school cups slowly start disappeared throughout the week, I usually exhort the kids to bring them up every day. After a while though, the supply doesn't seem to get replenished with the kids' contributions. So tonight I dreadidly went to the backpacks. Those things are scary places! Some of the things I found included.... hmmm... maybe I shouldn't put this on the internet..... or start an anonymous blog......

Well anyways, lets just say I found a total of 5 cups, 3 bread containers, and 2 wet gym towels. So happy with my dishwasher right now! And with my washer and dryer.

On a happier note; we got to pick up our Indian visas this afternoon in Den Haag. Afterwards, the sun was shining through the car window, and I was wishing the weather would have been this nice a few weeks ago for my beach adventure. So the thought came: just go to the beach now. You have to take a nice day anytime you can, and just enjoy it to the max. Sure, I was wearing my high-heeled boots and turtleneck, but walking on the beach should be done barefoot anyways.
It was the perfect afternoon. The kids genuinely enjoyed playing together. Some might say they're crazy for running around without shirts on, but it was all we could do to keep them from taking all their clothes off.
Coco had a blast too, until she felt really brave chasing a big dog into the ocean, and just about froze with shock from the water temperature.

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