Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coco's sweater

The combination of a short-haired tiny Chihuahau, and a job where I look at the wall all day, has turned me to knitting. While Coco was riding in the bike basket to pick up the kids a few days ago, she was shaking pathetically. He short coat doesn't give enough protection against wind and rain. Wrapping her in a blanket hasn't done the trick, as it just falls right off when she turns around, or stands her front legs on the edge of the basket to get a better view.

I started looking for jackets online, and while looking at the Chihuahua site, of course ended up looking at the other cute clothes. It crossed my mind to buy a sweater, until it dawned on me I could just knit on instead. One of my coworkers wanted me to knit during the many quiet hours for quite a while.

With the lack of a walmart, I had to wait until the next day to buy yarn and needles at a special yarn store. Much to my chagrin the boutique was closed... Luckily Talita knew of a "large" sewing and knitting store (from her description it sounded like a J0-anns) not too far. I went to the store with high hopes, and luckily low expectations. The selection was minimal, and I was lucky to find knitting needles the right size at all. It didn't allow me to be picky about the quality of yarn, or the material of the needles.

It's been a few years since I knit anything, so youtube came to the rescue. Anyone could learn how to knit with the help of instructional videos! I just went step by step through the whole pattern, and each time I got to a stitch that was unfamiliar, I just looked up a video. Of course the pattern also came free from the internet.

With all similar projects, including sewing and knitting, once I get started there's no stopping me. After hours of deep concentration and some frustration, I'm very pleased with the end result.
Coco seemed to like the sweater better before it had arms.
Originally I wanted to knit a bright pink sweater, so I'll have to do some online shopping for the perfect yarn.


Nancy Sabina said...

That's some very impressive knitting just from YouTube videos! Great work!

skideewink said...

That is awesome! I need one for BLU, in blue of course. I love the single cable knit down the back. Blu would hate the sleeves too I think.

Farmer Joe said...

How about a green one with big fins down the back....

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