Sunday, September 18, 2011

A miracle?

We've had the pleasure of hosting Joe's sister Ruth, and her friend Heather for the past few days. This was Ruth's first trip across the ocean, and I was so happy to be part of it. Thursday they were flying into Brussels, so I decided to join them for the day, before joining them on the train to Holland. We were going to meet at a train station at 9.45am. Around 9.30am I realized that I had no idea if they even made it onto the plane, and whether or not their planes were on time (they both flew different flights). Around 10am, I made the call to Joe, and found out Ruth's flight was indeed 4 hours delayed. I was happy to know this, as it gave me the freedom to explore Brussels a bit instead of waiting in a train station.
Manneken Pis - famous statue. I was very confused and disappointed to see him dressed.
When Heather called her husband (who then called Joe, who then called me) to tell him 1.5 hours after Ruth's landing, that she had no idea where Ruth was; I started to get a little more worried. However, we still had 4 hours before our train back to Holland would leave, so I settled into a bench by the train station, and knitted away. I'm currently working on wool socks for Joe with raw-homespun sheeps wool. Around 3pm, when there was still no sign of them, I headed to the other train station where our train would take off towards Holland. I paced the train platform over and over, until sadly, the train left without me or Ruth. By this point the last time we'd heard anything from them, was several hours ago. It made me wonder if I'd ever find them. We relayed to Heather's husband where I'd be waiting, and knitted some more. When they showed up less than an hour later, I thought they had talked to him for sure. However, this was not the case, and we just found each other through a pure miracle.

In the end Ruth and Heather didn't get to see any of Brussels, and none of us had any waffels. But, we did manage to get home before dark, and enjoyed a typical Dutch meal of Pannenkoeken, which was very well received by our weary travelers.

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