Saturday, January 8, 2011

To each their own

Many people asked me what I missed about Holland when we still lived in the US. I always had a hard time pinpointing exactly what it was that I missed, but I did miss it. I'm sure the same question will come up about the US, now that we live in Holland. To remind myself of the reasons, I started a little list. Most things are small and insignificant, but all added together, show my love for both countries.

Things I miss about the US
-garbage disposals
-toilets without a "platform" to catch your business and stink up the room in a heartbeat
-Fans in bathrooms (see above)
-Free customers service numbers
-Large capacity washers and dryers
-Drive through banks and pharmacies
- 50 lb bags of flour
-One-handle kitchen faucets with spray attachment
-Decently priced restaurants. Even though we rarely go out to each, it's nice to have the option.

Things I will miss about Holland if we leave
-Good bread
-Roads where bicycles have the right-of-way
-Comfortable bikes with lights, fenders, and a storage rack that you can carry groceries, children, or any other object on.
-How zoning laws have condensed the population, so even in big cities you can be in a heavily populated area one minute, and in cow-filled fields the next. Nature is more prevelant.
-Recycle centers on practically every corner
-Easy access to many cultures
-Genuinly honest and nice people. You get what you see. Nothing more, nothing less.
-Lower stress attitude to life.
-Temperature controlled showers. The temperature is set by number, and after that, only the water needs to be turned on.
-Not having to tip every single person. Hairdresser, waiter, car cleaner, etc etc etc.

My list is just based on things I currently have, and I realize that some of the things I miss could be obtained in the other country. Some things can not be bought however, and those are the most important things to consider while deciding where to live. This is also obviously not a comprehensive list, but rather a small start.

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