Friday, January 21, 2011

Guilt trip angel

The past few days I've been battling my guilt-trip angel on the left side of my shoulder. See, I've been taking the kids to school in the car, which is clearly against my no-car policy. Before you judge however, let me just explain the I have a perfectly good reason to jump in the car. Joe has practically put me on bedrest. No errands, no cleaning, and no biking were his orders. Along with half the Dutch population I have been battling with a mean cold and cough. My illness doesn't seem to be as severe as many others, and I'd like to think it has something to do with the flu shot I got in November (thanks great grandma, for pushing me to do so). As the Dayquil kicks in, it's hard to lay around when there are so many good things I could be doing. Today is temple day. Groceries need to be bought. I should go downtown and get myself a good-working cell phone. And so forth. But as Joe says: "If you give it 100% when you are starting to feel a little better, you'll be dog sick again the next day". So I'll lay around the house, watch a few movies, take a nap or two, and make a puzzle. I don't know why that guilt keeps rearing its ugly head!

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Nancy Sabina said...

Good advice from Joe. A few days of taking it easy are good for you. Then you'll be ready to jump back into life in a few days. Feel better!

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