Monday, January 10, 2011

Pack mule

Ginger has her own bike, but the past few days has chosen to ride on the back of my bike instead. This is perfectly fine with me, especially since I hold my breath every time she has to stop, ride up a curb, between a few poles, or make sharp turn. My nervousness is well-founded, as was proven yesterday on the way home from church. We were all just riding along, when all of a sudden my gaze is diverted to Ginger careening towards a fence. Somehow she had gone on the curb, and onto the sidewalk, when she lost her balance. She was a bit shook up, but bravely mounted her bike again to finish the ride home.

Before picking the kids up from school today, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things. Just some basics, but my saddle bags were bulging. Usually when Ginger rides on the back, she sticks her legs into the bags, so keep them safe. However, with the bags loaded down, she just had to hang her legs over the top. It made me consider buying a special child's seat for the back. With all that extra baggage, I felt a bit like a pack mule
However, I remind myself if I slip even into the slightest self pity, that this is a life style choice I have made. I could take the car and just zip over to the store. But I don't want to do that. I want to truly live the Dutch life, and do it on my bike. So many things could be done with a car, but biking is healthier, funner, and more beautiful.


Wendy said...

hierdoor mis ik nederland zoveel meer, maarik ben blij dat jij er kan zijn! Leuke foto's! Hopelijk kun je er nu meer op zetten. Kan je aan winter vragen of zij ook haar beleving op haar blog kan zetten?

Farmer Joe said...

Hooray! Pictures finally. We are connected again!

Catherine M. said...

Ha! I love you and miss you! The pictures are so beautiful, you're Dutch style is already back in full. Sooo, yesterday Sabina asked me if we could just drive around the ocean to visit Ginger in Holland. We sure miss you guys but are so so happy for your great life and posts!

Catherine M. said...

sheesh! I always switch my your and you're words... I need to take an English class or something.

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