Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thrift Store

Every Tuesday night a large building opens up with all sorts of used trinkets, household items, furniture, clothing, and anything else you might find in a thrift shop. Since it's only open once a week, it's packed and the good stuff goes quickly. The temptation is always to get cool stuff you don't really need, but that's how you end up with a 800 SF barn full of crap. So I tried to be selective, and only work off the list of needed items.

Things we found today; a bike seat. Ginger is riding on the back of my bike more often than I'd originally thought, so this bike seat should make her ride more comfortable

Towels, toolbox, closet organizers, wicker basket for my handle bars, antique sugar pot, some more forks, and a sauce pan. Apparently the Dutch don't make cookies or bake casserole dishes, because neither cookie sheets or casserole dishes bigger than a dinner plate were anywhere to be seen. Bread is so much cheaper here to just buy. You can get a loaf of great multi-grain $5 bread for €0.79 at the grocery store. Of course you can also find the €3 bread at the bakery, but the grocery store bread is so much better than American bread, that it's good enough for me.

One item I bought was a total splurge (at €0.75), and it's this little treasure
Growing up, my opa always kept his white anise sprinkles in a tin can very similar to this one. I suspect the sprinklers used to be sold in tin cans like this, rather than cardboard boxes.

Another splurge (at €2) is this cool fondue pot
We love to do fondue at our house, and now that we live in the land of the good cheese, we better increase our fondue frequency. Thrift shopping makes me so happy, because all I can think about is how much we would have spent at a store, while these little treasures are way cooler to begin with

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kashurst said...

"...the land of the good cheese..." that alone makes it sound magical! I wish you could mail it.

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