Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keeps me busy

Talita asked me at church today, why we didn't see each other all week, even though we practically live around the corner from each other. Even though I could tell her I had had a busy week, it was nearly impossible to remember what I had filled it with. That is why I write a blog. Because if I don't, I simply don't remember. I'd like to think my lacking brain power can be contributed to 3 pregnancies, but maybe it's just a lack of activity that has my brain cells in a slump.

Most of the week I dealt with ongoing rain and wind. It usually seems worse from inside the house, and once you get outside, it's really not too bad. But one day, it really WAS wet, and the big padded boots didn't keep the water out. Luckily I was able to find everybody a rain suit, which is a life saver. We found Winter's at the thrift store, and all the other ones each at a different store. Some didn't have the right sizes, others were crazy expensive. Here we are ready to head into the rain on a school morning
Poor Ginger is so padded, that she can hardly walk, kind of like an umpa lumpa.

It has been so great to live close to my little sister Emma. When I moved to the US, she was only 7, and over the years I've only had a week here and there to spend with her. Every time I go to the kids school, we ride right past Emma's (and my dad's) house. Friday I wanted to check up on her, and pester her, because she had skipped school a few days. She was still in bed, and I was able to jump on her, and then just hang out and chat in bed.

After assuring me she would do some homework, we planned to get back together later in the day. We have the blessing of living very close to the temple. It's about 2.5 miles from our house, which is closer than we have ever lived to a temple in the US, how ironic is that? The temple is only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and there are only 5 sessions per day since it's a very small temple. Living so close, I made the resolution to attend the temple every Friday for the noon session, until I find a job. It was a great experience, and I enjoyed seeing tante Siegried there as well. On the way, on my bike, there was a pretty strong head wind, and I just kept thinking about the storms we go through in life, and how satan really tries to keep us away from Heavenly Father. But if we persevere, we will enjoy the blessings, and on the way home, we can even have the wind with us.

After school Emma came home with us, and we had a fun girls night. We talked to my other sister Wendy on skype for an hour
played wii fit for 2.5 hours, and into the wee hours of the morning. I convinced her to spend the night, and the following morning we had a recycling run
Then we exercised with Jillian Michaels, and baked pannenkoeken for a ward potluck today. I'm so happy that Emma gets to, and wants to spend time with me and the kids. Joe is gone to school quite a bit, so it's nice to have another grown up around.

Yesterday was also the first time we were able to make the trek out to my opa's house. He lives about 2 hours away, so that's a big time commitment. I feel for him, especially because he does get lonely. He only has 2 daughters. My mom lives far away, and can't see him too often. Out of his 6 grandkids, none of them visit him on a regular basis. I really hope to be able to visit him at least once every 8 weeks. If gas wasn't so much, I'd like to do it more than that, but even with my dad's conservative car, it was nearly €40 in gas alone.

It was wonderful to see him again. He's just doing the same ol, same ol. Watching sports on TV, reading the newspaper, driving his car to the grocery store, and smoking his cigarettes. In order to keep the kids behaving, we brought their DSs, and let them play as long as they wanted. What a genious idea! After a while my opa asked what the kids were looking at that kept them occupied for hours. Here's Winter showing him her game.

And Ginger will pose no matter where she is!

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I love you! :D (you can't see the last pictures)

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