Sunday, January 9, 2011

IKEA the Dutch way

Our new 1989 VW Golf. The trunk is surprisingly large. It gets horrible gas mileage, and it cost me €68 to fill up (that's about$91) We will only use this car for large shopping trips and for visiting my opa who lives a couple of hours away.
My first large shopping trip was to IKEA. My little sister Emma came to spend the day with us, while Joe was doing a Rotterdam tour with his classmates. We were supposed to go to a little petting zoo, but it was raining a little bit so we opted for the dry option of Ikea Smaland.

Luckily both of the upstairs bedrooms had wardrobes, and obviously the kitchen had cubboards. But there is no pantry or linen closet, so went to get some shelving for the laundry room. The big question; how to get this full-time bookshelf into our compact car?
Do it the Dutch way, and just stuff it in. And then jam the kids and Emma around the stuff.

Joe had a long day at school, so we wanted to surprise him with turning this
into this
Emma was a great helper


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