Monday, June 28, 2010

Yes Day

For a while I've wanted to experiment with a "yes day". A day where I say yes to everything the kids want/ask for. I do put limits on things that cost money, so I'm mainly talking about their many simple requests throughout the day. Here's what they got on their yes day:

Chocolate milk with breakfast -with many refills
postpone my exercise time to watch curious George
Ginger saved her breakfast for later
Take pictures with my camera
"Jesus with his children" by Winter -This is the painting my oma "met de poezen" Jansen painted. I'm currently working on finding a framing solution for it

"Lions on the way" By Winter

"Mommy Dancing" by Sterling

"Happy Ginger" by Sterling

Ginger picked "clean 1 toilet" out of the jar, and cleaned 2 instead
more chocolate milk for snack time
watch movies and tv all morning
Winter wears a Sunday dress
Sterling eats all day long
Make sock puppets
Sterling is the first to go swimming
Kids in the pool all afternoon

More chocolate milk with dinner

Ice cream for desert (BTW, I did say NO when Sterling asked for more...)

At 6.30pm I just couldn't do it any longer! They were asking for so many things that I didn't want to do/give them. But overall I would say it was a success. It was amazing to see their happy faces when I said yes to their 8th cup of chocolate milk. Or to making sock puppets, which is something they've wanted to do for over a week. Definitely worth repeating... next year.


angela michelle said...

how fun! I like how you were able to keep it focused on little things like chocolate milk and extra TV instead of something like going to Disneyland or whatever. So what did you kids say when they figured out what was going on?

Maddy S said...

Now that' fun. i would love to try that too when my youngest is a little older and can actually tell me what she wants. I will definitely keep this in mind. How fun!

bdmalouf said...

this is one of the greatest ideas i have ever heard! i cannot wait to do it with the kids!

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