Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I'm ready for the stress to end.

Stress each time someone comes to look at the house
Stress that the house won't sell on time, to start school in January
Stress over our vanished $6400 registration fee
Stress about my weight
Stress that the kids make too much noise for Joe to work with
Stress about my failing friendships
Stress of getting old, and my body starting to ache in odd places
Stress that my kids won't grow up to be well-rounded, responsible adults
Stress about bills

One day at a time; that's all I can do. Some days are better than others. A lot of the time, I just try not to think about the stressors.

But sometimes they overwhelm me.
And that's when I get snippy.
I hate being snippy!

So I try to do anything to get my mind back off of them. Like eating, or watching TV, or cleaning. Too bad cleaning is usually the last option on my list. But not this morning. Because someone is coming to look at the house....

Once in a while there's a ray of sunshine that brightens my day. Like when Ginger came to me and said:
"Mom, there's boogers coming out of your nose"
me: "No, that's just dry skin"
Ginger: "Eww. that looks gross."

At least she's always honest with me! I never have to second guess whether she loves me, or when I do something that hurts her feelings. She'll tell me right away. And that's how I tick.

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Majo said...

Stress about your weight ???
Are you becoming too skinny then? ;)

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