Wednesday, June 23, 2010

scratchboard craft

This morning I frantically cleaned the house for 2 hours, for yet another showing. You would think that after 3 months, I would be used to this. Or that I would keep the house in a 30-minute cleaning state. It's just too easy to let it slide. And every time I get excited, thinking this might be the "one", the person who will buy the house. And they never are (not yet, at least). We did lower the price yesterday, so I'm hoping to see a big increase in activity.

The geo metro is finally running again. I think out of the 3 years we've owned it, we've MAYBE driven it for 3 months. This time my hopes are higher though, since it has a new transmission, and we've already fixed several other little things. We drove to Bonham to get it registered, had lunch, and quiet time. The afternoon would have to be more exciting for the kids, or they would be bored and hackle me to death.

I knew the time would come that I would want to do crafts, but not have the supplies to do any. Living 30 minutes from the closest store limits "running and grabbing" supplies, so last week I planned ahead. Several craft blogs gave me the ideas, I made shopping lists, headed to Hobby Lobby, and now I'm ready. The afternoon is young, and we're gonna make fun scratchboards

Getting the supplies ready while the kids are in quiet time
Fill up the whole page with multi-colored crayon squares
Paint over the crayon with black acrylic craft paint
While the paint dried, we watched the new Alice in Wonderland with bowls of air-popped buttered/salted popcorn. Somehow we totally ran out of time to go swimming. All together a successful day.

Use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to scratch out a picture, and voila! multi-colored art


Nancy Sabina said...

Fun! I remember doing that with all crayons when I was a kid - just black crayon for the top layer. But it looks like the paint works much better. Very cool.

angela michelle said...

what a fun afternoon! you were smart to get it all set up while they were in quiet time so the fun could begin when they got up.

Mom said...

Jessica - you are doing great. I know it will be a long summer, but one you and the kids will cherish. These are the joys of a stay-at-home Mom and just why it is the very best all around if it is a all possible.

Catherine M. said...

You are wonderful! I have found so many of Winter's art pieces on my ipad and am always surprised by her creative eye.

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