Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big change

This is where we will live next year, if we sell our house. You could say it's a polar opposite of where we live today. But that's okay!
The Plaza

living room



"master" bedroom

kids bedroom--
Unless I want my 3 kids to all sleep in the same bed together, I've got to figure out how to fit in some sort of bunkbed.

Office/2nd kids bedroom

The fact that this apartment is furnished, takes a huge load off my shoulders. Most Dutch rental houses are bare. And with that, I mean REALLY bare. They often don't have kitchens, or flooring. Another plus, is that everything is included in the rent. I don't have to figure out utilities or internet.

And one fun bit of info: the Plaza is right next to, or above a casino, in downtown Rotterdam.
Doesn't get better than that!
It might not be the best neighborhood for kids, but it is located close to the university. And Joe will need all the extra time get can get, to study.

I'm getting so excited each time I think of the possibility of this really happening.
It seems so unreal to me. And it is.... until we sell the house.


Nancy Sabina said...

Oh man. The stress of it! I can't imagine. But I guess it's good that you have plan ready for when you do sell your house. It looks like a very different place than your current house, sure. But I bet the memories will be life long!

Unknown said...

Daar ben je snel mee zeg! Dat je nu al weet waar je gaat wonen !

angela michelle said...

looks nice! I can see you really embracing a less-is-more lifestyle.

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