Saturday, June 5, 2010


Grandma Ashurst slept at our house last night, so the day started with off with some fun in the sun and pool. Since the kids have been out of school, I've been avoiding any kind of errands like the plague. Going to any store with 3 kids is just pure torture. So I concocted a plan to take just Winter, take care of the errands, and spend some quality time with her. Most errands were rather painless with just Winter, but would have been horrendous with all 3. We went to the bank, pool store, mall, and several other stores just to browse. Then we headed to the theater for a movie perfect for her: "Diary of a wimpy kid"; all about a kid in middle school. Somewhat torturous, but Winter really seemed to enjoy it. And that's all that mattered for today. A quick healthy dinner at Subway's got us fueled up for some more shopping. Winter had brought her piggy bank, and was just itching to spend all her money. So we headed to Walmart. I was very disappointed with the selection of items for her to choose from. Most of them were junk. Then I remembered that her little Morphis cousins always have shrinky dinks, which are a hit. We realized that Hobby Lobby would close in 15 minutes, so I did something I've never done before. I ditched my half-loaded shopping cart, and ran out of the store. We barely made it in time, but Winter was so excited. She picked out shrinky dinks with sharpies, as well as a paint by numbers piece. To finish of the mommy/daughter date I let her stay up late watching an old western movie with grandpa. All in all I would say today was a success. Both for Winter and me.

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